How Much Horse Riding Experience Should You Have Before Buying A Horse?

How Much Horse Riding Experience Should You Have Before Buying A Horse?

Article by Adrain Bewtropen

So you’ve been riding for a little while now, and are totally hooked & really want to buy your own horse?

I know where you’re coming from. As a kid I would have horse riding lessons every now and then and just couldn’t wait to get my own horse. Each horse riding lesson that I had just seemed to feed my ‘horse addiction’ even more.

So how much horse riding experience should you have before you look at buying your own horse or pony?

Unfortunately there’s no one easy answer to this question. Some lucky people will go and buy themselves a horse after just a couple of horse riding lessons or rides and not have a problem, whereas others wait much longer.

Ultimately though, it’s not actually horse riding experience that you really need to consider before buying a horse – it’s the amount of knowledge you have about horse care. Riding is only a small part of owning a horse & once you have your own horse that you can ride as often as you want, you’ll probably improve quite quickly, but you need to know things like:

How much & what to feed your horse.How to identify a safe place to keep it.How to tell when they’re sick.How to correctly put on a halter, saddle, bridle, horse rug etc.How often they’re going to need worming, their feet trimmed or shoes reset.How to correctly tie them using a quick release knot.

When I got my first horse as a teenager, most of my knowledge of these things had come from books and magazines, which wasn’t ideal, but a lot better than nothing. Nearly all the riding schools I’d been to, already had the horses saddled & bridled, ready to go when I got there so I very rarely got a chance to tack the horse up myself.

If your riding school is like this, ask if you’d be able to come a little bit earlier and practice fitting the tack to the horse. You can get away with it (like I did) learning from some good books, but hands on practice with someone there to guide you is ideal!

Another thing to consider is if you have anyone you can call on if you need to ask any questions about your horse. Do you have a good friend or family member who’s very experienced with horses who would be able to answer any questions you have or tell you what you need to do?

Once again, this is something I didn’t have (& we still got through), but it will make life much easier for you while you’re still learning. If you have someone who can provide you with a bit of guidance, you can probably look at buying a horse a lot sooner than you would without.

So really, it doesn’t matter how much horse riding experience you have, what matters is your general knowledge about horses & if you have help you can turn to if needed. You can always buy a horse to match your riding experience, but once you have it, you need to know how to care for your new friend properly.

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